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Welcome: P3 is the artistic site of Maria Helena Marconell and the Cognitive therapy site is: cbtartherapy.com.

My work as an artist embodies a constant investigation to represent how life's experiences influence one's emotions and thoughts over time by using 'an abstract line' in printing and 'colour and texture' in paintings. It could be described as a search for symmetry within anarchy or the channelling of emotions onto a festival of vivid colours within a canvas. It is a fun and enjoyable creative process where hardly measured lines convey a message of constant change: a tree full of Autumn colours seems to transgress the frame it is painted on against a grey speechless background; or the fast sweep of sugar-lift as an expression of the nomad and independent movement of gypsy life. In other instances, the contrast between geometries: the verticality of the chimneys in Battersea power station against the curves of the clouds and the arches in the bridge. Each piece of work was created as a result of a cognitive encounter with the world around us.

This site includes: 'PRINTS' a page with recent work, others show printing techniques and conbinations: etchings, linocuts, mixed media. Under 'PAINTINGS' there are landscapes painted in situ, also portraiture and abstract pieces on a variety of techniques, textures and sizes, from 15x15 cm to 120x120 cm. The 'PHOTOGRAPHS' page celebrates the beauty of light in a variety ofs paces from cities, to buildings, sunsets or the small things that we tend to take for granted in nature, in daily life or indeed in the city: the line on the horizon series, where the sky meets a city elevation, or micro environments at our feet. The page 'MISCELLANEOUS' comprises a mixture of works.

Commissions and exhibitions can be organised by contacting the artist via e-mail. There are regular updates with new work also in watercolours and mixed media, relief and sculptures, photomontage and collage. All the photographs showing the work have been reduced in pixels and a watermark added, for a full view please contact the artist in the e-mail provided.

Please read the Terms and conditions before you purchase any art work.

Under Other there are links to Saatchi on line and some publications of my work.

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