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1. Art work will be sent after full payment has been received for the piece/s of work plus postage/delivery.

2. Commissions carry an upfront % fee of 25% of the agreed price; the remaining 75% of the agreed price and postage/delivery fee to be paid when the work is finished and before is sent off to the client. When the full payment is received, the work will be dispatched to the address chosen by the client.

3. Commissions can be returned if the client is not satisfied with the work. The deposit will not be returnable. The 75% of the value of the work will be returned within 60 days from total payment date, after the work has been received by the artist within that timeframe and if the work has not incurred any damage.

4. This company will not be held responsible for lost items if the address given by the client was not accurate or if an update address was not provided from the time of purchase (e.g. if the client moves home while purchasing an item or is away from the address provided for a long period of time and has not notified the artist of these circumstances).

5. If items are returned because of 4 above, the artist will contact the client once more. The client will pay second postage costs if the item is forwarded a second time.

6. This company prefers Pay Pal payments for your security and a connection to Pay Pal for this purpose has been set up in the 'Buying' page.

7. No returns accepted on prints and photographs or collage/photomontage.

8. Offences such as hacking, viruses and other Web and technically generated harmful attacks to this website will be taken seriously.

9. This website has SSL to protect visitors. However if still hackers or other material that could potentially damage your computer or its contents reaches this website, this company takes no responsibility over these.

9. Any links made from this website are to trustworthy companies and with good protection systems in place.

10. In order to avoid spams and scams, this company will not be asking any type of confidential data from you or demanding any type of payments other than the directly agreed with the artist and/or director; please do check with this company before you answer private and confidential questions on line that could have been made using our name unlawfully, i.e. by a cybersquatter.

10. Intellectual property:

All the items in this website and in any of its domains: p3-a3.org; ppp-prints-paintings-photographs.com are of the property of the artist and no reproductions or copying is allowed without the artist's written permission.

11. These Terms and Conditions may vary over time, please check them when ordering new items.

Thank you for reading the T&Cs


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