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M.H. Marconell is Spanish, based in the UK training herself artistically and attending some open studios at various schools of fine art in London. She has developed as a 'cognitive' and expressionistic artist transferring the sensations and memories of an instant in time onto the canvas; as an exercise to free the mind by transferring the first impression onto a cascade of colour. A free movement of the hand holding a loaded brush as if the weight of that paint was to carry all those emotions and sensations to the canvas searching in a constant circularity of shapes and volumes for the memory and sensations of that first moment in time.

One decisive influence upon her work were Turner's late period paintings: a sea of 'fluid' yellow light falling from the sky on the hardly delineated figures on the landscape. Vibrant colours filled with extra light in the way only Turner could treat them. In contrast, Helena's use of 'yellows' is a representation of a bright sun caressing everything, searching relentlessly for a flush of dynamic light as if to reveal the essence of anything touched by it that will further emphasize the first cognitive experience.

The first paintings were a milestone in the way her work developed over time: a way of 'expressing' what cannot be said with words (these canvases are not for sale), and so influencing the way the line is transformed onto an abstract and contained element either using vivid colours when painting or an abstract and dynamic line when printing.

A gallery in Valencia, Spain, carries some of her work: "Associacion difusora de las artes" and whose art critics have defined her as an artist of 'avant-guard': "She has and maintains a personal style born from originality and a unique way of expressing herself either with strong monochromes or with vibrant colours in a mixed North Atlantic and Mediterranean flair" magazine: "Arte in Valencia" and recently published in ICA volumes VI, VIII and X.

The artist and CBT accredited Psychotherapist,

M. Helena Marconell


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